Saturday, December 29, 2012

Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 7e, Townsend

Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing: Concepts of Care in Evidence-Based Practice 7th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Mary C. Townsend offers probably the most clearly written, complete text for psychiatric psychological health nursing. Follow an evidence-based, holistic strategy to nursing practice that focuses on both biological and behavioral components.

Completely revised and up to date, the book adds a brand new emphasis on therapeutic communication and gives up-to-date coverage of Quality and Security Training for Nurses (QSEN) initiatives. Plus, a BONUS CD-ROM gives further practice with an electronic workbook and NCLEX-model questions, together with alternate-merchandise format questions.

Firstly of every chapter, following the goals, a new section has been added entitled "Homework Assignment." It's much easier to teach when students come ready and have learnt the text before class. Nevertheless, many college students are reluctant readers. One way to encourage students to read before class is to assign homework due earlier than class based on the day's topic.

Homework questions have to count toward the grade but they do not must depend a lot. Students are motivated by even a small number of factors as a result of they know they will full homework efficiently in the event that they try. Grading standards should be clear, and to minimize grading time, homework is also assigned "pass-fail." House- work questions are simple and, because stu- dents will not but have had a chance to ask questions in class on the subject, are written on the knowledge and comprehension levels fairly than at the utility and evaluation levels.

Psychopharmacology doesn't appear as a separate chapter. Overview content material has been moved to Chapter 3 "Organic Implications." Content material related to particular medications appears in the diagnosis chapter to which the treatment applies. This could facilitate understanding of the medicine, as well as the study process for the student. All new drugs since publication of the earlier version are included.

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