Thursday, February 7, 2013

IV Therapy Notes: Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide

IV Therapy Notes: Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide PDF Download Ebook. Lynn Phillips provides essential facts and on-the-spot guidance for nurses delivering and maintaining intravenous fluids with different access devices. With a focus on safe administration of IV therapy, this book references all types of intravenous fluids, their contents and the essential rules for calculating infusion rates.

With an entire section devoted to fluids and electrolytes, this text covers it all! To optimize patient safety and provide you with a pocket full of confidence, always keep this guide at your side. This book is to be used as a pharmacology pocket reference where information can easily be recorded for one patient and then erased to be used again for another patient. The index tabs make it easy to instantly find information.

The purpose is to allow nurses to have important information at their fingertips that is not always easy to memorize. The objectives are worthy and met by this book. It is basically written for nurses who work with IV infusion in all areas of nursing. The author is a credible authority.

The book includes basic facts and physiology as well as presentations of access devices and administration of blood products, medications and nutrition. Each section is thoroughly discussed and the "write on/wipe off" feature is quite unique.

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